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The Powerbox Industrial line product range is a family of high density power supplies intended for applications demanding extremely high performance on both reliability and electrical safety. The products utilize innovative technologies and offers both AC/DC and DC/DC conversion, offering a wide range of inputs and output combinations. The portfolio includes high density externals, open frames, enclosed, DIN-rail, and board mounted DC/DC converters.

This is a green product
At Powerbox we aim at design and manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly way. Several of the new Powerbox Standard products meets the European power efficiency directive long before it becomes mandatory. Together with our customers and environmental awareness we can affect the global environment in a broader perspective.
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Custom Design
The foundation of a development is the customerís need, priorities and requirements and based on these we utilize the technologies, components and topologies that best fit the product.
Our long and very broad experience in power supply development enables us to offer you custom designed products for a wide variety of electronics. Everything from small to very large, from one input to many inputs, from ultra low voltage (few V) to high voltage, etc. Our strength is in complex designs with many output voltages, high isolation and tough environmental conditions.
There is practically no application beyond our capability. Next time you have a power supply requirement let us help you!
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